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Pay Per Click Services aid you to in promoting your website over search engines. PPC’s success is centered on a bid amount that is to be shelled out each time your link is clicked. PPC is an effective technique to get your ads publicized on the ‘sponsored links’ section of search engines' result pages. It naturally aids in inviting traffic towards your site, and consequentially assists in SEO. PPC Advertising is undeniably a complex process. It is centered on an array of factors, hence, making it essential that you choose the proper PPC Services Management Company. At WebPlanet, we offer Pay Per Click Services that ensure maximum traffic attraction towards your website. We aim to provide PPC Services at reasonable tariffs, in the same stream helping you come up with handy PPC ads.

How does PPC work?

PPC is an intricate process, which evolves as it develops. It constitutes of various phases, before the final outcome is derived, which are:

  1. Keyword Selection. This involves selecting a keyword that corresponds to the website that it is to be linked with.
  2. Finalizing the Budget. Although, the final bid to be put forward is just a fraction of the budget, it still needs to be settled upon intelligently.
  3. Ad Creation.A captivating advertisement needs to be designed, underlining the various restrictions posed by the Search Engines.
  4. Landing Page.It is significant that the PPC ad is linked with an appealing landing page, radiating the subject matter of the website.
  5. Bid Submission. The bid submitted determines the position where the ad will be placed in the search results.


What are the Benefits?

Deploying PPC advertisements has its own vital benefits.

  1. Guaranteed Search Visibility. PPC ascertains that your link will certainly appear in search results. You can rest assured of reaching out to the public.
  2. Pay in accordance with execution. A feature that realistically encourages PPC is the fact that, you only pay for what you get. Search Engines charge for PPCs only when they are clicked.
  3. Keep the budget in check. PPC advertiser can keep an eye on their expenses to ensure that it does not slip out of their budget. In addition, Seasonal Campaigns allow you to choose a certain period during which the PPC Banner remains.
  4. Boost Organic SEO. It is seen that PPC Ads aid in enhancing organic click-through rates. This feature when coupled with a Seasonal Campaign ensures that you do not require PPCs once the link becomes popular and organic SEO is sufficient.


WebPlanet is a premium Internet Marketing Company which strives to ensure first-rate PPC Management Services. Although PPC is supposed to be a less popular alternative when compared to organic SEO, it nevertheless assures that your website will dash on to the first page of search results. The craft lies in designing eye-catching PPC ads. We do just that.

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